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Top and Talented Students of My Presented Courses

دانشجویان زیر فعالیت های قابل توجهی را در کلاس های درسی داشته و آینده علمی بسیار درخشانی دارند


AmirReza Farbakhsh

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Amirreza Farbakhsh (born in 2000, Tabriz), has been enrolled in the undergraduate Electrical Engineering program at the University of Tabriz since 2018. His main interests are computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence. He was first exposed to the field during his high school years by attending the National Cognitive Neuroscience Competitions held by IPM. In those years, Amirreza had a chance to know Dr. Arash Afraz who is one of the most influential figures for his academic life. Amirreza mostly uses Python, R, and MATLAB for his work. His practical experiences include some projects on behavioral and neural data, especially in learning and decision making. His hobbies are mountain biking, playing the piano and reading books. He also loves theater! His favorite quote that he wants to share with you is from Santiago Ramón y Cajal: “Neurons are the mysterious butterflies of the soul.”

Ashkan Nami

Hi, My name is Ashkan, I born in Tabriz, 200,jun,16. I am pretty interested in Electrical Engineering which I am studying at the moment and I am looking forward to continue my studies abroad. Currently I am undergraduate student in University of Tabriz. I have high ambition and motivation to contribute in my field and seeking to discover and research about radio communication systems. I became enthusiastic about electromagnetics in third year of high school and it continued till I have decided to study electrical engineering afterwards. Actually I became serious about my academic life in those days when I have got interested too much in electromagnetics, circuit theory, thermodynamics and Analytic geometry. My most favorite Subjects in high school. My idols are Nikola Tesla and Omar Khayyam, I am pretty interest in their Ideology. Picturing nature, biking and climbing into mounts are my hobbies. I do some photo and video editing in my free time and pretty interesting in making "meme".

Mohammad Najafpour

He was born in Tabriz In 2000 and now study civil engineering at university of Tabriz He is also interested in gaining more experience in this field He is interested in learning programming languages due to the advancement of technology in modern engineering and their applications. And interested in studying in leading countries in the field of civil engineering and urban planning Interested in Iranian traditional music and setar player and studying the poems of great poets and reading articles about technology “Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.” (emam ali) Molana : We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us. Rumi

Mahdiar Rouhvand

He was born in June 2001 in Tabriz. Being interested in physics and coding and getting familiar with electronics platforms such as arduino encouraged me to study electrical and enjoy them all at once. He believes that everyone should be able to teach whatever he has learned so he has always studied conceptually even during the most critical periods of my life such as the entrance exam of universities. And fortunately he was successful in this exam as well with a rank of 476. He thinks this style of studying was the main reason that he can easily handle university lessons and spend time on other interesting majors as well.

Ashkan Safari

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Ashkan Safari was born in Ardabil, Iran, in 2001. He entered Tabriz University for BS in Electronic Engineering. Since he’s professional and interested in Coding, Programming, Electronic Boards, and his extreme passion for Technology, he’s aimed to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is among the %1 top students of the faculty and ranked among %3 top students in the university entries exam. Moreover, he is active in technology-oriented startups and is an International member at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for the advance of technology. In his opinion, the way he studies, his schedule, and the most important, his passion are among his key successes at his academic life (the best part of the life).

Pouya Rafiei

He was born in Saveh in 2001. He is interested in aviation and aerospace science and have some studies in Air Traffic Control (ATC) , Radars ,Meteorology, Aircraft Electronics and Mechanics , piloting and control different types of aircraft , aircraft maintenance and etc in addition to university lessons.

Mehrvarz Molkhasi

In the name of Good My name is Mehrvarz and my last name is Molkhasi family. I am 19-20. I am studying for a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at the University of Tabriz. And now I am in the first half of 1399, the second semester and the entrance of 1398. I am from city of Tabriz. I like to have as much information as possible in most trends so that we can communicate between them. I was born on the 14th of Azar 1379 in Tabriz. I would like to become an electrical engineer because I can help the country and world .

Ali Nourouzi

I have spent most of my life in Tabriz. I graduated from Tabriz Technical and Vocational College and also I am a bachelor student in civil engineering. I am very interested in my field and gained a lot of life experiences from my field. Hope for the future.

Ali Mahdili

I was born in Tabriz in 2001.I am a freshman in universuty and I am interested in studying electronics and telecommunications. I am very interested in microcontroller programming and I hope that i will have many successful activities in this field and also I hope that I can have positive activities in the medical or military fields. I hope that in this way, by gaining a lot of experience i'll be able to build a bright future and use it in the best possible way.

Hadi Fallahi

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He was born in Tabriz ,Iran in 1993 He is a control engineering student of PN university of tabriz. He is a really hard working guy and was attending in all my couses volitionally. His mind is full of valuable questions that helps a lot to refresh the class. He loves filying. He has worked on UAV and he wants to work on a autopilot and autonomous flight systems. He is really interested in programming microcontrollers. He has been working on AVR & arduino.

Pouya Safavi

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He was born in Tabriz in 1995 and now is a prospective Control Engineer.He is also interested in gaining more experience in this field. Being Interested in control led him to study and investigate the following issues 1-arduino project (voice control robats) 2-r/f based sensorless mtpa control 3- smart home systems 4-quadcopters nature, spending time with new people and helping them are part of his pleasure too. Another part of his interests is knowing new things or giving themto kids aged 8 to 18. And his heart believes in this sentence “Be nice for no reason”

Arshia Sheikh Hassani

.My name is Arshia Sheikh Hassani. I’m studying Bio Medical Engineering at University of Tabriz. I am interested in my field. What motivates me in studying this field is that it has a great potential for creativity. I believe if anything can change the world for better, it’s creativity: I would like to make a better world with the assistance of my skills in Bio Medical Engineering. I would like to continue my education to increase my knowledge and achieve my goals. If I receive a scholarship, I will definitely think about studying abroad. I hope to be in a good position in my field to be able to play an important role in improving the future life of myself and the people whose needs are met through our field.

Ali Gheblehei

This is Ali Gheblehei(born in November 2000) I'm sutying in University of Tabriz. I'm a civil engineering student. Architecture and civil engineering are my favorite studying fiellds and I try to research on both fields; however I study civil engineering. I work next to my father who is also a civil engineer and I learn the things that are expermental. I'm trying to study as much as I can and making experiments, so maybe someday I can make new things for science and engineering studies speciallu civil engineering.

Ali Taghipour

He was born in Tabriz on 30 March 2001. He is studying Electrical Engineering at University of Tabriz.

Hadi Salimi

, My name's Hadi. I was born in Tabriz in November 2001. I'm studying Electrical Engineering at University of Tabriz. I completed my high school degree in Physics and Math. Skilled in innovation, programing, problem solving, designing. I'm very interested in innovation, STEM, experimenting, team work and learning, as well as teaching. I continuously try to study earnestly while looking forward for applying my knowledge. Robots are of my most favorite subjects which I enjoy creating them from early years. I am enthusiastic about making new thing and engaging in ambitious engineering projects. My hobbies include traveling, making, learning and playing piano. Currently I am interested in subjects Neuroscience, MEMS, AI and energy resources. I would like to learn and experiment new things and be productive.

Arash Badangiz

My name is Arash Badangiz. I was born on May 27, 1987 in Kalibar and grew up in Tabriz. I studied at Seghatol Eslam High School. I graduated from Tabriz Azad University in the field of civil engineering in 2010. Due to my great interest in electronics, I have been working in the field of elevator control panels, escalator, inverter, UPS, etc. since 2005. I am currently the CEO of Rayan Tabloo and I am studying electrical engineering at Rushdieh University. I am very interested in telecommunications, control and mechatronics. And I plan to study one of these trends in the future. My hobbies include watching movies, fishing, reading books, and watching football. I deeply believe that there is never a time to learn and that we must always seek to learn.

Mahdi Zekavat

My Name's Mahdi. I was born in Tabriz in 2002. One of my interests is Electrical engineering; so I decided to study it. I'm a yay to new ideas and I want to know more people that make new ideas.

Amir Hassan Babazadeh

I am Amirhassan Babazade, born in Tabriz in 1999. I have been studying Electrical Engineering since 2017. My major interests are Telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence. The reason I chose electrical engineering as my major is the vast diversity of the electrical world. One can imagine electronic devices and equipment from their microscopic size to their immense shape. The diversity amuses me and encourages me to explore several worlds and opportunities in its unique sense. The people I admire the most and see them as my inspirational figures are Alan Turing and Maryam Mirzakhani. I find books and music soothing. Exploring nature, and reading are my hobbies.

Mohammad Shakoori

My name is Mohammad Shakoori, I was born on October 27, 1998 in Ajabshir city, East Azerbaijan province. I am a student of civil engineering at the University of Tabriz and I am very interested in my field and I hope to achieve complete success in this field with the help of God and dear professors and my increasing efforts.

Milad Ashrafian

Milad Ashrafian is 19 years old in 2020! He was born and grew up in Hashgtherd and now he is student of surveying engineering in the University of Tabriz

Vahid Heydarpour

My name is Vahid Heydarpour and I was born on March 13, 1988 in Marand. I received my bachelor's and master's degrees in computer engineering at the University of Tabriz. I am currently working in Tabriz in a computer company that I manage it. In 2019 because of my interest in civil engineering, I successfully passed the entrance exam in the field of this field and started studying in this field. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen. I like to see the sunrise in the morning and.....

Amirhosein Babaeepour

My name is amirhosein babaeepour . I born in langroud , gulian, in 27 December 1999 . I educated in ‘sampad school’ in my junior and high school course and now I am bachelor student of Geomatic surveying engineering at University of Tabriz . From various branches in my major , I am mostly enthusiastic in remote sensing . In this field we processing and analyzing the images taken from satellites or sensors and convert them to proper useful map. I am also interested in error correction of images with Matlab coding software . after all , classical music and songs and also learning English language are my favorites.

AmirHossein Emadinia

I'm Amirhossein Emadinia(some friends call me Bardia) I'm almost 20 years old(3/5/2001) I was born and grow up in Hashgerd and now I'm student of geomatic engineering in university of Tabriz

Omid Karamzadeh

I am Omid Karamzadeh (born in 1999, in the city of Urmia), who in October 2018, I started studying applied mathematics at the University of Tabriz, Marand Faculty of Engineering. My favorite hobbies are playing chess and playing the dulcimer.

Ehsan Alvani Alamdari

He was born in shabestar/tabriz in 2001, He is interested in electronics and control and He is interested in working in the field of medical microchips and brain chips in the future.

Faraz Farzad


Malek Mokhtari

My name is Malek Mokhtari,I am from Maku. I study at the university of Tabriz and my major is mathematics

Pouya Momeni

My name is Pouya Momeni and I was born in 1997. I am a civil engineering student at University of Tabriz. As a child, I worked as a trainee in the field of mechanical installations. I became interested in computers and electronics as a teenager. I think about the future and structures made with new materials, and I am interested in improving the safety, comfort, and life of human beings by creating software, structures, and hardware that connect software and structures. I love any science that makes people happy, especially children
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