My Academical Friends

Most of my academic friends are dispersed around the world in the most reputable universities and research centers. We see one another rarely, and stay in touch through text conversations and online calls. Through these occasional communications, we learn about what is going on, in each other’s lives. We share anecdotes about where we’ve been, what we’re thinking about and latest researches and activities. At least, that’s how it used to work!!!

Here are some of my aforementioned friends (without any special order!)

(I have not updated this list since 2013. So it does not consist of my recent relations. Also, I definitely have forgotten to mention some of my best buddies that I would be grateful if they could remind me via an E-mail)

Amin Zeaiee

Ali Haddadpour

Alireza Lotfian

Peyman Yazdizadeh

Hamed Kharrati

Amir Firooznia

Yousef Alipouri

Hossein Azari

Morteza Varasteh

Kasra Pourang

Arash Asgharzadeh

Arash Eskandarnejad

Alireza Ahmadi asl

Mohammad Rahbar

Omid Gharavi

Navid Hosseini

Behnam Ghasemi

Mohammad Aghagolzadeh

Roshan Tourani

Mohammad Reza Sajadi

Morteza Saraf

Ramin Esmzad

Sina Ghalami Osgouei

Younes Radi

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