Projects(پروژه های من)

One of my favorite activities is to design and implement a control system for real-world applications. This matches current robotic activities at University of Tabriz. 

Designing a Practical Grasper for Laparoscopic Robot
Download: {filelink=18}

Linear Control Project-پروژه کنترل خطی
Download: {filelink=19}

Modern Control Project-پروژه کنترل مدرن
Download: {filelink=20}

Digital Control Project- پروژه کنترل دیجیتال
Download: {filelink=21}

Nonlinear Control Project-پروژه کنترل غیرخطی

Solving TSP problem (Travelling Salesman Person) with GA,PSo,ACo method and compare them with each other- حل مساله فروشنده دوره گرد
Download :{filelink=23}

My B.Sc Thesis- پایان نامه کارشناسی
Download :{filelink=24}

My M.Sc Thesis- پایان نامه کارشناسی ارشد

Download :{filelink=24}

My Ph.D. Thesis- رساله دکتری

Download :{filelink=24}

Novitiate Report- گزارش درس ناوبری
Download :{filelink=25}

Alphabet Recognition With Back Propagation
Download :{filelink=26}

Using Kalman filter for inverted pendulum- استفاده از فیلتر کالمن برای پاندول معکوس
Download :{filelink=27}

  • Dynamic Modeling and Nonlinear Control of Bicycle Robot
  • Mechanical Design, Fabrication and Tracking Control of 5 DOF Surgical Robot
  • Design, Simulation and Modeling of Robots and Control Algorithms Using Software such as Matlab    Simulink/SimMechanics
  • Practical Experience in Electronic Circuit Design and Embedded Systems
  • Designing Motion Controller for Practical Spherical Mobile Robot by Feedback Linearization
  • Using Kalman Filter for Inverted Pendulum
  • Proficient in Analytical and Computational Analysis Methods such as Controller Stability, Nonlinear Dynamics, Matrix Mathematics and Statistical Analysis.
  • Practical Grasper Design for Laparoscopic Robot
  • Research on Bilateral Control of Master-Slave Robots
  • Designing Control System for Overhead Gantry Crane
  • Research on World Trade Organization in Human Loop
  • Implementing ThreeWell-Known Nonlinear Controllers to Control Robotic Manipulators
  •  Designing and Implementing A Color Sensor Using AVR

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